AGBUILT Slat Gap Covers

AGBUILT Slat Gap Covers

AGBUILT Slat Gap Covers are a plastic "Click in" product which offer a quick and inexpensive way to convert slated floor space easily without having to rebuild the entire pig  house. The covers come in three size, filling gaps from 14 mm to 35 mm. Slat Gap Covers have many different uses in several industries around the world, filling small plumbing, electrical and communication channels/raceways just to name a few.

Sizes: Small 14 - 18 mm (1/2" - 11/16"), Medium 18 - 22 mm (11/16" - 7/8"), Large 25 - 32 mm (1" - 1 1/4") Priced per linear foot.

The pig-proof invention was designed in Denmark to meet the new European laws on flooring by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) which allows only 25% of the flooring to be slatted.  Slat Gap Covers can be used to convert fully or partially slatted barns to meet these standards. Slat Gap Cover also helps reduce corrosion due to wet feeding, increase comfort zones for all animals and blocks straw & shavings from entering the pits.

Five uses for pig house Slat Gap Covers:

  • Provide comfort zones for pregnant sows.  There has been a lot of positive feedback regarding the animals welfare.  The covers provide comfort zones for pregnant sows when the covers are fitted in the areas the sows prefer to lay.
  • Better pig welfare through draft prevention.  Drafts from manure pits often cause pigs to dung in the wrong places. Strategically covering slat gaps will result in cleaner, healthier pigs.
  • Reduce feed waste.  With the covers filling slat gaps near the feeder, any spilled feed can be eaten by the pigs instead of being lost below.  
  • Keeps straw and shavings out of gutter.  When Slat Gap Covers fill in 90% of each slat opening, straw and/or straw does not end up in gutter but liquids will.
  • Reduce slat edge corrosion near feeders from low pH feed ingredients such as whey.
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